High-Converting Websites for Service Businesses

Your new site could look like one of these...

Industries Served:

  • Lawn Care

  • Roofing

  • Concrete

  • Landscaping

  • Handyman

  • Towing

  • Drywall/Plaster

  • Limo/Party Bus

  • Party Rental

  • Pest Removal

  • Window Cleaning

  • Auto Detailing

  • Pressure Washing

  • Pool Cleaning

  • Carpentry

  • Cabinetry

  • Painters

  • Decks/Fencing

  • Home Cleaning

  • Flooring

  • and more...

If your business has either no website or has one that isn't the most attractive, you're losing out on money every single day.

Your website acts as your 24/7 salesperson. It is there to showcase your work, provide potential customers with information on the services you offer, build trust with reviews from your happy customers, and encourage them to contact you. If you don't have an attractive website that does all these things, you may as well be working for your competitors because you're allowing them to take customers that could have been yours.

Let's put on your "customer hat" for a minute and think about what you'd do if you were looking for someone to build you a deck for your house. The first step would likely be to visit Google and type in "deck builders near me". Google will then display a long list of all the companies in your area that build decks in the Google Business listings. From there, if I'm the customer, I'm checking the reviews and looking at their websites to see their work and the services they offer. If there's a business on the list without a website for me to see these things, they are already out of the conversation.

Get your attractive, mobile-friendly custom website today!

Each website is custom tailored to match your company's branding, providing you with an eye-catching website. First impressions matter and these websites provide an incredible first impression.

Each website is built with the customer in mind. Today's customer is primarily using their phone to visit websites. So I build each and every site with that in mind. Each time you see a phone number on the site, it is linked. This means, if the customer clicks on the phone number, a box pops up with an option to call that number. This eliminates the need for the customer to try memorizing the number, or writing it down, or flipping back and forth between screens to type in the number to call you. Instead it only takes 2 clicks!

Another thing you may have noticed, is that there is no menu at the top to visit all your pages of your website. This is intentional and done for a number of reasons. Research has found that each time a potential customer clicks to a new page on your site, the probability of them leaving your site increases. One factor in that is the time it takes for a page on your site to load. So if the customer has to visit 5 different pages on your site to get all the information, that is 5 chances you just had to lose that customer. Another factor is that people don't like having to search for the information they are looking for. Making them click on multiple pages in your menu can quickly drive them away. So to avoid these issues and make the best possible experience for your potential customer, I put everything on 1 single page.

This instantly eliminates all those potential issues and you can walk the customer through the ideal journey you'd like to take them on, starting with the eye-catching, beautiful banner at the top, saying "this is our company", then showing the services you offer, followed by some customer reviews to build trust, and then if relevant and you have several photos of your work, a gallery to showcase the amazing work you do, and then the "about" section talking about your company and providing you another chance for the customer to get the feeling that they know you and build even more trust, and finally the contact information.

Now, you can still have a menu at the top. My site, the one you are on right now, has a menu at the top. But each item on the menu is linked to each section of this 1 page website.

Each site is also filled with "call-to-action" buttons. A call-to-action is telling the customer to do something. Like when you are trying to close a sale, you don't just provide the potential customer with the information, then say "thanks, have a great day", you ask for the sale after providing the information. This is no different on your website. We provide the information, but throughout the information are buttons saying "Get your Free Quote". These call-to-action buttons will be customized to your businesses needs.

What My Clients Are Saying...

"I was about to pull the trigger on getting a website built for $1750 + another $175 monthly when Josh messaged me out of the blue. Thank God he did! I just had 3 vital pieces of equipment all go down at the same time. You know how that goes. So the thought of spending almost $2000 on something that wasn't a tool I need for work wasn't a happy thought. But that was the lowest quote I'd received out of the 3 website companies I talked to. I checked out Josh's link to his site and it was all websites for the trades that he did so I was feeling a little optimistic and his sites looked better than the other companies I talked to. But the $49 price seemed a little too good to be true.After messaging back and forth for a bit, I decided to go for it. He seemed legit. He sent me an invoice and a sheet with all the things he needed from me. The next day I got everything sent over to him then two days later he messaged me that my mockup was all ready to review. 2 days!! The other places said it'd be weeks for my site to be built. My site looked amazing! I couldn't believe it was actually mine. There was only one small change I wanted to make and it was just a couple more details I wanted to add to one of my services. He made the change immediately and then connected my domain name I'd had for awhile and it was ready to go. I'm not one to write reviews and I really should have done it sooner for how awesome Josh has been but it's been a few months that I've been with Josh now and I've had to make some changes to my services offered and add some new photos to the gallery. Everytime I've contacted him to make a change, he's had it done the same day. I can't recommend him enough to anyone in the trades! Highly highly recommend. You won't be disappointed."

-Eric C.

"Got a message from Josh about my company not having a website and I sent a nasty message back. And he actually responded and said been burned before huh. He nailed it. Had some dude say he could get me all these painting leads and it ended up wasting like 3 grand of my money. I don't remember the exact words but Josh said something like so you're gonna let some idiot in the past prevent you from growing your business in the present and future.So I was like dang I never thought of it like that. His work looked great and I knew I needed a website. For $49 it wasn't a huge gamble and I spent more than that at the bar last night and didn't get any work outta that. So I said lets do it. Paid the invoice and sent him all the info he asked for. Then like a day or two later got a message from him saying check out your mockup. Dude what?! This dude is a magician. The site looks so much better than all the other local paint crews around! Thank you thank you thank you my dude.

-Tyler V.

Highly recommend Josh to any business looking to get a new website! He's been great to work with and my website turned out better than expected! I was very impressed that he didn't try to upsell me on any services I didn't need like all the other website design companies I've encountered do. Needless to say, unless there is a drastic change in either my business or his, he'll be my website guy indefinitely.

UPDATE: I have now had my website for a little over two months and I've definitely noticed an increase in calls looking to get a quote. Yesterday I closed on a $20k concrete job and the customer told me the whole reason he contacted me first was because my website was so much better than the other companies in the area. Here's the real kicker... his brother-in-law is a big-time local home builder and is having issues with his current concrete guy. So he said once I'm done with his job and if it all goes well, he'll be happy to make the introduction. I'd say with 100% confidence that this website has been the greatest return on an investment in history of investments. $49 for a $20k job so far and the potential for hundreds of thousands more with this builder. Amazing!

-Dave L.


I keep pricing simple... I only have One Price, for the One Service I offer, for the One Type of Business I specialize in.
You no longer need to spend $1,000+ for a beautiful new website for your business!

And I will never try to upsell you on services you don't need!



Complete Custom Website Build



Hosting & Maintenance

You Receive:

A brand new custom website

Website revisions

Website hosting

Website backups & maintenance

Updates to your website whenever you need to make a change

The process is simple:

1. Contact me to discuss your new website

2. Once we agree to work together, I'll send over the invoice for your website and a sheet with all the info I'll need from you to build your website.

3. Once I finish the mockup of your new website, it will be sent to you for review (usually in 3-5 business days).

4. I will make any changes that are needed.

5.Once you have approved the website, I will send the invoice for the monthly hosting and maintenance fee.

6. I will connect your domain name to the website and submit your website for the most popular search engine directories.

7. Your new website will be live!

8.Contact me anytime you need to make changes to your site, it's included in your monthly hosting & maintenance plan!

About Me

I am Josh Nabielski and am the founder of Joshua John Media. I've been creating websites since I took my first web design class in high school over 20 years ago. Since then I've created hundreds and hundreds of websites. Along the way, I also worked in finish carpentry, cabinet building, became a licensed contractor, and owned a woodworking business. This is what lead to me specializing in building websites for service based businesses.

My goal with every website is to create an attractive and highly-effective website that stands out from your competitors and gives you the highest probability that when a potential customer visits your website, they will contact you for a quote.


Does this really only cost $49?

Yes, it does! You receive a complete custom website for your business for only $49! Then I handle all website hosting, maintenance, and updates you want to make to your website for only $49 per month!

Are there any other fees?

The only fee you will have besides the $49 to build the site and the $49 monthly hosting and maintenance plan, is the cost for your domain name. I will ask that you purchase that on your own so that you are the owner of the domain name instead of me owning it. The cost of domain names does vary, but is generally around $10 per year. That is the only additional cost.

How long does it take for my website to be built?

Once we agree to work together, I send you and invoice for the website to be built and a sheet with all the info I need from you to build the site, once I receive the info and payment, I will generally have the mockup ready for you to review within 2-5 business days.

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